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Founded in 2008, The Center for Medical Weight Loss (Lutherville) is a medical practice specializing in weight loss or "Bariatric"  Medicine located just outside Baltimore, Maryland at Greenspring Station in Lutherville.  We believe that obesity is a chronic medical condition that is best managed under the care of a qualified physician.  As a medical weight loss practice, we can provide the medical monitoring necessary to safely administer lower calorie diet plans than commercial weight loss programs--thus resulting in faster weight loss in many cases.  Additionally, we can enhance your weight loss efforts by using such modalities as prescription appetite suppressant medications, Vitamin B-12 shots, and fat burning supplements when deemed safe and medically appropriate.  Our compassionate, professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of care possible.  Our goal isn't just that you lose weight; but that you experience health gain as well!  We are among the leaders in weight loss in Baltimore.