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Health Gain and Weight Loss in Baltimore

Health Gain and Weight Loss in Baltimore

Health Gain and Weight Loss in BaltimoreHealth Gain and Weight Loss in Baltimore


Our goal is to improve the health of all our patients not just effect weight loss.  Good nutrition is vital to this end!!  We strive to transition our patients from their current diet to a REAL FOOD DIET that includes high quality things that grew or ate something that grew.  That is: Meats, fish, poultry, eggs, fish, seafood, vegetables, good fats, and maybe a little fruit and nuts.  Ultimately, we want you to eliminate from your nutritional lifestyle starches, sugars, grains, most legumes, and foods in bags or boxes with long labels and complicated ingredients. We may start with this healthy style of eating, or we may recommend a meal replacement diet as a transition step between where you are now, and where you need to go diet-wise.  

Your initial consultation includes a seca body composition analysis.  Using this information which includes a measure of your metabolism, along with a medical and diet history, your Doctor can design a plan that will allow you to lose weight safely, and in many cases rapidly.  While we strive to individualize each weight loss program to the particular needs of the individual patient, below is a description of the type of weight loss plans we commonly employ:

Our Plans include:

1.  Low Calorie Full Meal Replacement Diet aka "Protein Sparing Modified Fast:" This plan uses only meal replacement products (Moderate protein shakes, bars, soups, crisps, oatmeal, chili).  This is our fastest initial weight loss program. This program is based on your unique metabolism and is customized for each individual. The success of this program is very gratifying, as results are achieved more quickly than with our other programs. The program is designed to preserve your metabolism and help you to maintain your weight loss over time. Individual counseling provides all the tools you need to achieve long term success. It is unmatched by non-physician programs.  However, it is not your final lifelong diet.  It is a step along the way.  

2. Modified Partial Meal Replacement Lower Calorie Diet: This is a good alternative for patients that do not medically qualify for the Low Calorie Diet, or who would prefer to incorporate some "regular food" in their initial weight loss plan. This program is designed to provide safe, effective weight loss and offers individuals a well planned program with specific achievable goals over time.  It is a "hybrid" plan that incorporates some meal replacement products along with a healthy meal each day.   Each plan provides individual counseling with a proven track record of success. Your doctor will provide several comfortable options and outline a paced program based on your needs.  This is also not typically your final lifelong diet plan.  This is a starting point or an intermediate step along the way towards a lifestyle of healthy nutrition.

3. Regular food, lower carbohydrate, (sometimes ketogenic) diet +/- prescription medications: This program is designed to curb your appetite, and improve your health.   We may recommend FDA-approved appetite suppressant medications along with a healthy meal plan; and always include exercise recommendations, and individual counseling.  Patient's are screened to ensure that they are safe to use these type of medications, and not all patients will qualify.   This program is very effective and helps not only to jump start weight loss, but can be modified to become a long term healthy nutritional lifestyle.  

Additionally, use of appetite suppressant medications may be combined with any of the other CMWL programs as needed.  Your Doctor can discuss the use of medications with you on your visit; and your Doctor will also evaluate whether any other medications you might be taking may interfere with your weight loss.  We also utilize natural metabolism boosters, Vitamin B-12 shots, and Lipotropic injections to assist with your weight loss efforts when appropriate.

This Medical Weight Loss practice strives to follow the guidelines set forth by the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA)  More information on this can be found at

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